Azim Ahmadzadeh
Ph.D. Candidate (2016 - Present)
Graduate Research Assistance
Computer Science Department
Georgia State University
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As a member of GSU Data Mining Lab [+], I have been working with a team of highly motivated Computer Scientists and Astrophysicists, in pursuit of obtaining a better understanding of solar activities, in particular, those with severe impact on high-tech infrastructures and consequently our lives on Earth.

My research interests focus on knowledge discovery based on big solar data. To be specific:

  • textural analysis of solar images captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mission’s AIA instrument,
  • classification of solar events based on textural features,
  • detection of solar filaments using Deep Neural Networks,
  • prediction of strong flares using Machine Learning tools on multivariate time series of physical parameters.

I love research, especially research for the public good. I appreciate the data that are about what matters and I love mining knowledge from them. I believe, there are more good in AI, for human being, than there is evil in it. We just need to pick the right battle and fight. :)

I also really enjoy teaching. I believe teachers can and should do much more than they are currently expected to. And of course, aspiring teachers deserve to be paid way more generously too.

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