> A Note for Prospective Graduate Students <

You are interest in a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) role in my team. Please read this note carefully, and if you think you qualify and you would enjoy being on my team, please fill out the form. 

What is this for? It has always been a joy for me to work with graduate students. However, I've been receiving an overwhelming number of emails requesting RA positions. To be frank, many of these emails are just generic expressions of passion and interest in my research, leading me to treat them as spam. To minimize my false-negative rate, however, I am trying to build a bridge for those who are a good fit for my projects to reach me more easily. I hope that this effort also makes your life a little easier.

So, please do not take any part of this note as discouragement, but only as clarification.

My projects are often code-intensive. What does it mean for you?

* complex by academic standards and not by industry standards

So, how do you know you are a good fit then?

What are the red flags!

Consider it a red flag for joining my team if . . .

What to expect as my RA?

I read the entire note and I feel like I am a good fit. What's next?

There will be three simple steps: