Data Structures (2720) - Student Evaluation

- Fall 2018 -

65 students | 3 lab sessions per week | Java

At the end of each course that I teach, I often ask my students to fill in a short, anonymous survey about the class. The answers they gave to a 2-question survey are their evaluation of my Data Structures lab. While their overall quantitative evaluation is illustrated on the right, all of their comments are copied below.


What do you want me to know about your experience in this lab?

"I think you did a fantastic job in teaching, the labs were always clear, and it we one of the best labs I have had at GSU."

11/26/2018 15:32:20

"Enjoyed the lab. Not overly demanding, I appreciate workload being spread out. I also appreciate how each lab sort of compounded on each other, reinforcing certain concepts."

11/26/2018 17:13:59

"your lab's very helpful for my coding experience"

11/26/2018 18:29:06

"Best lab guy ever better than half of GSU professors. He's so helpful and doesn't act like it's such a chore to talk to the students. Also really good at responding to emails."

11/26/2018 19:19:29

"He taught better than the professor "

11/26/2018 19:56:58

"I had a very positive experience with this lab. I felt as if I learned a lot, and it improved my understanding of material relating to the course. Azim was also extremely helpful and felt non-judgmental. "

11/26/2018 22:28:48

"Labs were well written, intuitive and fun, while challenging but never overwhelming. Absolutely fantastic instructor, easily the best I have had. Thank you so much."

11/26/2018 22:49:36

"Really appreciate of your patience and I've learned a lot in lab session."

11/26/2018 22:49:36

"I learn more from doing the labs than during actual class time."

11/27/2018 08:47:51

"The lab was a really good experience. You did a good job explaining the concepts as well as giving help to anyone who needed it. The only problem was that we met for only 50 minutes each week."

11/27/2018 9:27:46

"Your lab projects are great! I feel like I learn a lot more in lab rather than lecture."

11/27/2018 10:56:58

"I really appreciated the non-judging attitude you had towards us. A lot of us were lacking in very basic aspects of coding but you patiently taught us everything we wanted to know without being condescending or annoyed."

11/27/2018 12:53:17

"I really enjoyed your teaching style. I feel like I learned a lot from the experience. The only thing I could suggest is perhaps you could create a document about using Bitbucket in Eclipse. That was a bit hard to understand in the beginning. Or maybe some links on your website about version control would be great :)"

11/27/2018 13:01:56

"Excellent lab tasks design. "

11/28/2018 11:27:59

"Please keep the lab structure the same for next year. I found your method of teaching very informative and helpful. I'm sure others will as well. Thank you."

11/28/2018 12:14:09

"It was very helpful drawing examples on the board to understand concepts"

11/28/2018 12:20:01

"Favorite TA"

11/28/2018 15:47:02

"I like the DLine oriented structure of all of our labs. Since we made it from scratch, we are mostly familiar with what it does, and so it's very easy to work with. The explanations before the lab helped immensely, and learning how to pull a project seems like an important start to working professionally."

11/28/2018 18:45:52

"Great way to help."

11/28/2018 23:14:58

"I would say the last lab was more difficult for me. But for the other labs, they were not that bad. Also in my opinion, You should be the professor for CSC 2720."

11/28/2018 23:34:13

"I think this lab was great overall, but I felt like everything was given too much. In other words, I wish we would have a lab or two where we create the general structure of the code instead of given it to us for every lab."

11/28/2018 23:43:15

"You were a great professor. You helped us as much as you could while teaching us as much as you could. Thanks so much for your everything."

11/29/2018 21:01:12

"Great Explanations"

11/30/2018 08:20:11

"You were great"

11/30/2018 9:30:30

"I enjoyed your lab very much. Your answers were concise and you were very helpful to your students. One aspect I didn't like so much was how you administered the lab assignments. Since you gave us a fresh lab every week but only one was due every two weeks, I feel like to keep the lab more engaging, you don't give the updated lab the second week. Instead, just have the one lab and have it due every two weeks. This will make class time more valuable I feel like and will keep more kids engaged. Thanks for a hard worked semester."

12/4/2018 14:37:59